Weekly Meet
Saturday nights will usually find us at the Wedgwood Broiler for edibles and libations, but we've been known to take to the streets and find someplace else for our weekly hijink, if the above calendar doesn't help, check the forum or email The Prez for this weeks detals and enjoy some camaraderie with others who take pleasure in two wheeled excitement.



A part of making pleasure on the planet for us is giving back to the communities we live, work and play in. By helping folks out, we make for an evironment conductive to good times and hijinks. We host one or two fundraisers ourselves, and go to several
hosted by other folks throughout the year

Help us help others

  Road Trips/Group Outings

Like what?

  Hoh River Expeditions

Twice during the summer we ride out to property on the Hoh River in the heart of the North American Rain Forest. Friends and family are welcome to this event, although it still gets a little weird at times.

A little more to say about it...

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