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PBMC was started on April fools day 2003 by three friends who each have been riding for over 20 years. Others joined us soon after.

All members of the Pleasure Barons Motorcycle Club are: at least 21 years of age, legal to drive in the state they are licensed, possess a motorcycle endorsement from same state, own their motorcycle, and maintain their motorcycles in accordance with local and state laws. The Pleasure Barons Motorcycle Club does not discriminate against any prospective member on the basis of sex, race, sexual orientation, and as long as youâre sane about it, political and religious affiliation are included in the list.

Winter is here; owners of Harley's and shiny sports bikes have long since put their machines back into garages for hibernation. A few brave souls held out until the rains common to the Northwest came pounding down for consecutive days, then they used the wipers on their car windshields without a second thought to their parked bikes. While even fewer held out until late November, thinking themselves bold, as leathers deflected temperatures that diped into the 40's. But the true Street Fighters, the 365 Bikers, will patiently wait for Spring, watch as others come out of their slumber and be of two minds when we see others wave as they pass. We Will Think "It's nice to have the company again" while we wave back. Although, in the not so far back of our consciousness, we'll be giving them the finger and saying to ourselves "Yeah Right,Where the F*#k were you 6 weeks ago".

If rain and traffic doesn't stop you from riding, come out some night to shoot some pool and talk some shit!

"Eighteen Grand and Eighteen Miles does Not Make You a Biker"

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