Main Ride:
"The Priest" - gloss black '94 Honda CB1000, 35k miles.

Past Rides:
'81 Yamaha Virago XV750, '82 Honda CB650SC Nighthawk (my first bike; ridden hard and put away wet; finally died a smokey death between Rico's legs)

After a dozen years of "the good life" in Seattle, I moved East for Love and Money. Both of those panned out remarkably well, though the DOL who brought me across country 4 years ago and I would love to return to the Emerald City, gray and wet as it may be. In the meantime, it's King of Prussia, PA, all the way. Commuting 40 miles a day on The Priest, 11 months of the year, is my riding routine.

I started riding a motorcycle after an ill-conceived "training" session for the Seattle-To-Portland (STP) bicycle event that left me limping around for 3 months with a severely strained knee. Took the MSC, and was off a few months later on a 2-week trek to Yellowstone with a windy return to Seattle through Canada. Changed my life.


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