Rick T.

Main Ride:
A freak'n monster of a fast Gold/Yellow '05 Triumph Speed Triple.

Dark Metallic Red 2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200S "The Garbage Wagon"(Corbin GF& L seat, Zero Gravity ST Windscreen, Galfer brakelines, Holeshot forkbrace, Holeshot handlebar brace, Progressive springs,'Busa rear shock), Red 1979 Yamaha xs750 Special Triple; Cafe bars, Napoleon Bar End Mirrors(coming Soon; Progressive springs, '77 Standard kit and seat, new paint scheme, 3 into 1 exhaust and airbox)

Past Rides:
1984 Honda Spree, 1980 Yamaha xs400SG, 1980 Yamaha xs400G, 1971 Yamaha XS1B 650, 2000 Suzuki Intruder 800

Why? Well, I guess I can trace this madness back to a summer day in 1977 as I sat in the back of a black Chevy van doing about 60 outside of Sacremanto. Suddenly a massive noise surrounds the van, but I can't see due to the windowless rear of the van. A moment later, passing us on both sides of the van are 15-20 members of a famous bay-area motorcycle club. To a bored 8-year old who idolizes Evel Knievel this was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen. Fast forward to 1984. I'd spent my summer working full-time at a backpack factory and saved up enough money to by a scooter even tho I was only fifteen and a half and I couldn't drive it. I kept it in my basement bedrrom with the ass-end pointing out the door to the back yard (yeah, a teen-ager who had a private door to the outside... but that's a whole other story.) and I'd just sit on it and rev that sucker up when no one was home... man, I thought that scooter was all kinds of baddass, heh. I totalled it 3 times (once I was even kicked off of it at 30mph by some punk ass kids at a bus stop... they all ran like hell when I got up and went after 'em.) and rebuilt it after each wreck. I drove it until I was 17, when I finally got my own car. Truth to tell, I didn't miss it. It handled like crap, was slow and you couldn't really take a passenger.... plus, I didn't know anyone who owned a real motorcycle so there was no one to teach me and I was way too busy with chicks and music to even consider doing something responsible like taking the MSC.

In the early '90's all this changed; Walt and Spedly both accuired bikes, and I figure I might as well learn... Spedly put me on the back of his 1980 Suzuki GS850G to a vacant lot and schooled me. By the end of the lesson, I put him on the back of the bike and I drove us home. It would be a few more years, however, before I got my 1st bike. My roomate at the time had a fairly decrepit 1980 Yamaha XS400SG sitting in the garage that he let me have for $200.00. I got it running, and cleaned it up (new paint and a new seat) and off I went. Soon after that I scored a 1971 Yamaha XS1B 650 twin that was, again, not running and bought on the cheap... I took my test on this bike so I could get the coveted M3 endorsement and ride anything I damned well pleased. Got an illegal lane change ticket on it about 2 hours after I got my endorsement, heh.

After a time, I fell out of riding... mostly I needed cash and the bikes started to get sold and not replaced by new cheapies. Finally the day came when there was no running bike at my house... that day lasted about 4 years. Then my work moved to a new location that had no parking, and I figured a bike would do much to alleviate the situation. This time I went big... a 1979 Yamaha XS750 Triple. After about a year of riding that I felt that a brand new bike was in order... I sold the 750 to a good friend and bought a 2000 Suzuki Intruder 800. This was one of the more embarassing moments of my life... it was a lot like the scooter. It handled like crap, was slow, but you could at least take a passenger. It made my back scream and I got real sick of stopping for gas every 100 miles. Boy, I missed that 750, heh. I traded the Intruder in on a 2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200S and I never looked back. The cruiser thing just wasn't my bag... they look nice, but there's just not enough substance there for me. Choppers, however, are another story...

I recently bought the 750 Triple back from my buddy and I'm glad to have it... where the Bandit is all finesse and refinement, the Triple is a beastly machine, full of rumbles and noise... when you ride it, you know you're on a motorcycle, and so does everyone else. Why not?

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