Main Ride:
"Stella" a big blue '07 Suzuki DL1000 Vstrom. More than 10,000 miles in the first year and no complaints.

The Project:
"The Scamp" a '73 Honda CL350 Scrambler. It sat for years in my boss' garage, so I helped him get his wife of his case by taking it home with me one day. Mostly a basket case now, time to start the real work of getting things cleaned up and re-built.

Past Rides:
"The Devil" Blue '92 Honda CB750 Nighthawk, great bike, starts every time with 90.000 miles on the motor, got a ton once or twice.

"the Elder" Blue (I think there's a theme) '83 Honda CB650 Nighthawk P.O.S. but it got me on the road.

I am: the cook; full of ideas and yet blessed with a lack of ambition; kind of an ass; fuzzy in the morning before my coffee; a passionate and attentive lover; willing to play along and respond in kind; GGG.

Boxers or Breifs? Boxer Breifs
Chocolate or Vanilla? Mint Chocolate Chip
Apples or Oranges? Mangos
Length or Girth? A nice blend of the two, but girth is more important.

After 10 years as a year-round bicycle commuter, and several now on the motorcycles, I get itchy traveling in things with four wheels. I get a thrill out of riding in extreme weather. The most common question asked when folks hear about my choice of transportation is "What do you do when it rains?". Get wet.

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