Walter B.

Main Ride:
Black 1993 Honda Nighthawk 750

Past Rides:
Honda Spree, '78 Suzuki 550 (Magic Trick, I turned a $350 bike into a $20k knee, hehe), '80 Honda Hawk 400 (loved that one), and another 90's Honda Nighthwak 750. If you can't tell, I'm fond of Hondas.

I've been riding for couple of decades now. Every time I find myself without a bike for an extended time I miss it. It's in my blood. Even in the dead of winter I don't find myself missing my car all that much. Commuting in a car may be practical but doing it on a bike makes the mundane into an adventure.

I love to ride, it's like a meditation for me. My first full sized bike, the afore mentioned Suzuki, was purchased in Mount Pleasant Iowa. I rode the 2,200mi back to Seattle only 2 weeks after getting my endorsement. I've taken the Nighthawk to Yellowstone in a day and plan to do it again at the end of summer. I also take care of the PBMC web site, most of this stuff I've learned in the last couple of months. If there is such a thing as a Biker-Geek, I'm it.

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